Granny D Back on Road for Campaign Reform

Barely recovered from her walk across America last year, Doris "Granny D" Haddock, 90, is currently walking ten miles per day around her hometown, Dublin, N.H., to get in shape for a walk across Missouri in October to support a "clean elections" ballot initiative on that state's November ballot. If it passes, Missouri will be the fifth state to push special interest money out of state elections.

To warm up for that walk, she will walk Sept. 25-26 in Arizona to support an election reform initiative in that state. Proposition 106 will, if passed, eliminate the "gerrymandering" of election districts into strange shapes that favor incumbents.

After Arizona, and just before heading to Missouri, she will visit Oregon where another important campaign reform initiative is on the ballot -- bringing public financing to six states if it passes.

If you live in Arizona, Missouri or Oregon, you are welcome to walk with her or meet her along the way. If you have friends in those states, pass the message along to them. Details are available on Granny D's website:

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