The Progressive Populist


January 1997 -- Volume 3, Number 1
Table of Contents

Organize for a Living
Capital Offenses

How about a shorter workweek?
'Percolate-up' economics
Rich cash in on disaster relief
Thailand's cash democracy
Kids ads in cyberspace
Why not be rich?

Fooling yourselves
Waking up 100 years later
In defense of 'subsidized cows'
Say no to meat
Newspaper strikers: No surrender!
For preferential voting

RURAL ROUTES: Will truce hold in the chicken wars? Or are pork, cattle and franchise wars next? By Larry McKnight.

TALES FROM EAST TEXAS/Carol Countryman: Ladies of the double-wides.

OBSERVATIONS/Joan Zwagerman Curbow: I can dream, can't I?

REPORT: Labor Pains: Scabs and NLRB shorten New Jersey dairy strike, by Hank Kalet.

LABOR TALK/Harry Kelber: Clinton's Labor nominee

RANDOLPH T. HOLHUT: Slouching toward the millenium with the Republicrats.

FEATURE: Farming is a global business; farmers need global alliances, by Denise O'Brien. Women's Agenda for Food Security, by Cali Brooks.

HEALTH CARE/Joan Retsinas: The other F-word

FEATURE: As the clock ticks, who's watching Hong Kong? There's gold in them thar hills, and U.S. business people want their fair share, by Kevin Clarke.

GLOBAL CITIZEN/Donella H. Meadows: Earth vs. Economics.


JESSE JACKSON: The fight for civil rights

IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST/Ralph Nader: Gonzalez fights again.

COVER STORY: Commercially correct talking heads, by Craig McGrath.
Why liberals stink at selling themselves, by Farai Chideya.
Foundations Pour Cash into right-wing agenda.

JAMES K. GALBRAITH: Is the Boskin Report a sneak attack on Social Security?

MEDIA BEAT/Norman Solomon: Snow job.

MADE IN THE USA/Joel D. Joseph: America needs to make a sacrifice.

BUSINESS ETHICS/Marjorie Kelly: Green consumerism is dead, long live the green corporation.

PROGRESSIVE REVIEW/Sam Smith: Clinton's secret.

DAVID MORRIS: The corporation must be tamed.

PETER MONTAGUE: Here we go again.

LATINO SPECTRUM / Roberto Rodriguez and Patrisia Gonzales: Next for NAFTA? Chile's democracy in question.

NEWSPEAK/Wayne Grytting: A banner year for Newspeak.

FEATURE: No Contest! An election between Nevermind and Whatever, by Walt Contreras Sheasby.

FEATURE: Cities teach citizens how to fight city hall, by William Bole.

HAL CROWTHER: Man of the year. Dr. Kevorkian: Death will never be the same.

JAMES McCARTY YEAGER: Economic redistricting.

CHARLES LEVENDOSKY: High court lays its thumb on the scales of justice.

One man, one vote?
Strengthening character with malnutrition
We got through the year; that's what counts
Top 10 reasons to believe CIA on coke charges.

EUGENE J. McCARTHY: Post-Presidential job prospects.

Speeches from the Alliance for Democracy convention
Ronnie Dugger
Lawrence Goodwyn
David C. Korten
Jane Anne Morris
A Conversation with Fred Harris
Jim Hightower
Howard Zinn
Molly Ivins
Deja Vu: Populists in 1892
Room for Growth

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