Progressive Populist

October 1996:

Play the Hand
Campaign in Trouble? Try the truth
San Francisco gets voting choice.

The Hype about High-Tech Jobs
Iraqui Crude
Stopping the Pentagon hogs
Welfare for the Rich
After the Party is Over
Beware Safety 'Reforms'
Dole's English-Only Bill.


FEATURE: Perot misses the show (Resist sympathy; the blunders are born in ego), by Mark Spencer.

RURAL ROUTES: Turning our backs on the Yeomen, by A.V. Krebs.

OBSERVATIONS: Family, Schmamily: Your values ain't like mine--so who's right, by Joan Zwagerman.

TALES FROM EAST TEXAS / Carol Countryman: East Texans know smut.

REPORT: Teamsters approach referendum on reform, by Jim Cullen.

MEDIA BEAT/ Norman Solomon: The Disappearing Issue of 1996.

DAVID MORRIS: Utility Merger Frenzy Isn't Healthy.

FEATURE: Homeowner Wannabes make it with a little help from friends, by Gustav Spohn.

FEATURE: Citizens Grapple with Life & Death Choices, by Jeannette S. Keton.

HEALTH CARE/Joan Retsinas: The Pollyanas.

BOOK REVIEW/David Hoelscher: Constitution? Try Again.

FEATURE: The Nader Campaign: Spoiler or Savior, by Brett Campbell.
Tools of Democracy.

COVER STORY: Congress in the Balance, by Jim Cullen;
Court remaps Texas;
Senate: Demos set to pick up;
The Families First Agenda.

WILLIAM RENTSCHLER: The Intolerable 'Torture' of Susan McDougal.

FEATURE: Strip-mining the oceans, by Randolph T. Holhut.

LATINO SPECTRUM / Roberto Rodriguez and Patrisia Gonzales:
It takes a Pillage.

JESSE JACKSON: Bad Ideas Crowd Out the Good; Fed Needs More Scrutiny.

EVERLASTING GOP-STOPPER / Sean Allen: Dole Pulls a Fast One

JAMES McCARTY YEAGER: USA: Triumph of Socialism.

MADE IN THE USA / Joel Joseph: Hold that Line! Nike invades the NFL with alien gear.

FEATURE: Remembering Estes Kefauver, by Theodore Brown Jr. and Robert B. Allen.

HAL CROWTHER: Gone with the Wind.

CHARLES LEVENDOSKY: Will Congress open records to the Internet?
Parental rights bill protects parental wrongs.

Where has all the money gone? All to Bigbank Creditcorp;
Say these Soccer Moms: Don't talk down to us;
Plenty of parties besides the Big Two.

EUGENE J. McCARTHY: The Case for an Established Religion.

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