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November 1996:

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XXX-ported Jobs;
The Pentagon's MOB Boondoggle;
Phone Company Scams;
GE Wants You in Debt;
Foreign Favors;
Clinton/Dole Trade Advisors;
Recycling Works


Thanks to our friends

RURAL ROUTES: Agribusiness's Happy Thanksgiving Meal,
by A.V. Krebs.

REPORT: 'Greed, Simple Greed': Supermarket to the world pleads guilty to price fixing,
by A.V. Krebs.

FEATURE: Striking Back: Teamsters enlist consumers in their protracted fight,
by Hank Kalet.
Also Teamsters battle over trusteeships.

LABOR TALK/Harry Kelber: German Workers and Us

FEATURE: A River Comes Clean,
by William Bole.

OBSERVATIONS: Suiting up: The silly furor over school uniforms, by Joan Zwagerman.

REPORT: Perot takes the low road, reaches 8.5%,
by Mark Spencer.
Also, Who owns the Reform Party?


WASHINGTON REPORT/UAW: Unions warn Wall Street.

TED RALL: Radical Surgery: A Case for Socialized Medicine.

HEALTH CARE/Joan Retsinas: Thresholds of Pain.

FEATURE: Michael Moore: Working class clown,
by Bill Leuders.

KEVIN CLARKE: Where have all the burgers gone?

DONELLA MEADOWS: What the American people really want.

COVER STORY: Progressives: Quit whining, start organizing,
by Jim Cullen.

JIM WALLIS: A Great National Sin

FREE LANCE: NAFTA loses support

RANDOLPH HOLHUT: Michael Tomasky's Remedies for Reviving the Left.

JESSE JACKSON: The Arc of History.

IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST/Ralph Nader: Corporate Hypocrisy.

EULOGY/James Flansburg: Harold Hughes had a true faith in democracy.

MADE IN THE USA/Joel D. Joseph: Stuffed Shirt: A Justice's Misplaced Loyalties

MEDIA BEAT/Norman Solomon: Big win for 'Centrists'

PROGRESSIVE REVIEW/Sam Smith: Global Scorecard.

Employees surrender all rights at the company door.

FEATURE: Burgeoning home health care industry, small worker-owned firms show the way, by Linda R. Prout. Also, Home health company helps women move from welfare to work.

DAVID MORRIS: Who Controls the Air Waves?

FEATURE: Public apathy toward elections mounting, by Christine Stavem.

PETER MONTAGUE: The invisible government.

BOOK REVIEW/David Hoelscher: Sounds like a good theory,
review of 'They Only Look Dead," by E.J. Dionne Jr.

LATINO SPECTRUM / Roberto Rodriguez and Patrisia Gonzales: Putting a Hole in the Constitution.

HAL CROWTHER: Legend of Maiden Rock.

CHARLES LEVENDOSKY: Immigration Politics Deports the Heart of America.

J PAUL LEIGH: The Balkanization of America.

Suggestions for the bipartisans;
If only we had more John Bryants;
A few questions we might ask ourselves.

EUGENE J. McCARTHY: Musings on post-modern politics.

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