The Progressive Populist


February 1997 -- Volume 3, Number 2
Table of Contents

Break the Chains
Sovereignty MIA

Corporate Pledge of Allegiance
Workplace Statistics
Storing Useless Stuff
Cable & Telephone Rates
Corporate Boards
Same Names Campaign
Personal Responsibility

American decadence
Inheritance reform
Boeing ignores pensioners
Finding new groups, links
Better than Clinton
Reflections on Crowther
Reform banking

COMMENTARY: The Progressive Challenge and the 1996 Elections:
The conventional, middle-of-the-road view is completely wrong, by Robert L. Borosage

COMMENTARY: Explaining Proportional Representation, by Robert Richie.

SPEECH: Union Busting in the 1990s; Learn from the Past to Fight It, by David Sole.

FEATURE: Unions Open Door to Minorities, by Max Millard.

TALES FROM EAST TEXAS/Carol Countryman: God speaks through knotty-pine paneling.

OBSERVATIONS/Joan Zwagerman Curbow: Turned off: Come hell or highratings systems, I want M(y) TV.

BUSINESS ETHICS/Marjorie Kelly: Prudential's Investors Rocked.

FEATURE: Gingrich Said Laptops for All; Some Took It Seriously, by Paul Karr.

HEALTH CARE/Joan Retsinas: A, B, C, Whatever.

FEATURE: Born 20 Years Ago, Free Clinics Reach Out to the Uninsured, by Nancy Weil.

FEATURE: The Protesting Priest; Father Frank Cordaro looks at Jesus through prison bars, by Art Cullen.

COMMENTARY: Family Leave and the Second Term, by John Buell.


CALAMITY HOWLER/A.V. Krebs: Howling About Antitrust.

COVER STORY: 'Category Killers' Stalk Small Towns; U.S. regulators shrug at 'free market' consolidation, by Jim Cullen.
FEATURE: In Book Wars, Independent Shops Become Casualties, by Karl Pallmeyer.

COMMENTARY: Maybe All This Sanitizing Isn't Such a Good Thing, by Daryl Lease.

RANDOLPH T. HOLHUT: What Vital Center?

JESSE JACKSON: A Time for Work.

IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST/Ralph Nader: Give the consumer a break.

ENVIRONMENT/Peter Montague: Things to come.

GLOBAL CITIZEN/Donella H. Meadows: Hands Around the Capitol.

MADE IN THE USA/Joel D. Joseph: Loyalty and the NFL.

PROGRESSIVE REVIEW/Sam Smith: Loose change.

LATINO SPECTRUM / Roberto Rodriguez and Patrisia Gonzales: Rain, wind and snow know no borders.

NEWSPEAK/Wayne Grytting: The New Civil Rights Movement.

DAVID MORRIS: Medical Marijuana: State vs. People.

JAMES McCARTY YEAGER: Propping up Newt.

HAL CROWTHER: The gang-rape of History.

MEDIA BEAT/Norman Solomon:
'Hypocrisy' Rampant in Media Crossfire.

CHARLES LEVENDOSKY: Congress Back Already?
Immigrant bashers confirm refugee Albright.

Get After the Root of Rot
Bears and Bull
The Perils of Pauline's Legal Aid in South Texas

EUGENE J. McCARTHY: Constitution Since the '70s.

TED RALL: No News is Bad News:
The American Newspaper Goes Bye-Bye.

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