The Progressive Populist

A Monthly Journal of the American Way

March 1996 -- Volume 2, Number 3

EDITORIALS: Quoth the Ravens: Four More Years
JIM HIGHTOWER: Hugging a Grizzly; the buying of the President; Newt's Secret Task Force; A Dinner of Whores; HMO Efficiency?; Populist Republicans.
HENRY B. GONZALEZ: Reining in the Fed
RURAL ROUTES: The Hardware Man's Legacy, by Joan Zwagerman AN
AMERICAN'S STORY: Jerry Tucker: Professor of Solidarity, by Peter Downs.
WHO ARE THOSE GUYS: The Search for Chenoweth's Brain ... and Other Tales of the Idaho Frontier, by Chris Farnsworth.
TALES FROM EAST TEXAS: Can't See the Forest for the Clear-Cutting, by Carol Countryman.
FEATURE: Neglecting to Cover the Challenges to Power, by A.V. Krebs.
FEATURE: Let Them Eat Rainforest Crunch: Are Ben and Jerry Really the Groovy Guys They Tell Us They Are? by Jon Entine.
TED RALL: Adolf Redux: Pat Buchanan's Basic Instinct.
IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, by Ralph Nader: Get Citizens Back in the Game!
BILL CRAVEN: Lobotomies Don't Cure Headaches
COVER STORY: On a Cold Iowa Night, They Chanted, "Go Pat, Go!, by Art Cullen.
CHARLES LEVENDOSKY: Splitting Hairs and Selling 'Parks'.
JESSE JACKSON: Republicans Go from Bold to Brazen.
JAMES McCARTY YEAGER: Dunces of the Confederacy.
FEATURE: Creating a New Mainstream: How to Fight Back, by Walt Contreras Sheasby.
MEDIA BEAT, by Norman Solomon: WTO Strikes Clean Air Act.
FEATURE: At Issue: Revival of American Democracy, by Michael C. Burton. HAL CROWTHER: The Last Judgment.
PETER MONTAGUE: Campaigning in the '90s.
LATINO SPECTRUM by Roberto Rodriguez and Patrisia Gonzales: Bridging World of Misunderstanding.
DAVID MORRIS: Meanness and the Poor.
MOLLY IVINS: Just a Few Ideas to Brighten up the National Economy; Thoughts on the Flat Tax; What is a Populist, Anyway?
EUGENE J. McCARTHY: The Enclosure Movement--20th Century Version.
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