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News and analysis is available all over the Internet if you know where to look.
Some helpful links:


Information on the Global Fairness agenda of the organized labor federation.

Alliance for Democracy

Campaign on Corporate Globalization and Postive Alternatives


reports from alternative press

Campaign for America's Future

with background and links to progressive groups on trade issues

Corporate Watch

Background and information on globalization and corporate rule.

Debt Relief Now

Advocates that governments and international financial institutions cancel and/or repudiate illegitimate debt in poverty-stricken nations.

Global Exchange

A human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world, its web site has breaking news and information on the April days of action in Washington.

Independent Media Center

Live coverage of IMF and World Bank protests

International Forum on Globalization

a non-profit alliance founded in 1994 to stimulate new thinking,
joint activity, and public education in response to economic globalization.

Mobilization for Global Justice

news and background from the April days of action in Washington, D.C.

Mother Jones

Coverage of the April days of action, also known as "Seattle, the Sequel." Also see the
WTO archive

The Nation

"Seattle Sequel in DC" editorial from 4/24/00 issue.
See also Free Trade/Fair Trade, a forum (from the 12/6/99 issue)


Links to breaking news and comment on global corporatization and other progressive issues.

Progressive Review

with nuggets gleaned from Sam Smithg

Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

A division of Ralph Nader's Public Citizen that keeps an eye on trade issues.

Seattle Weekly's WTO Coverage

Comprehensive coverage by Seattle's alternative weekly,
including background on the WTO and reports from the streets.

WTO & Globaloney

a speech by Jim Hightower at an anti-WTO rally in Austin on Oct. 18, 1999

WTO Watch

WTO and trade information by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, including a calendar of activities in Seattle and beyond; documents, articles and reports on trade; live and archived multimedia reporting from delegates, officials, community leaders and activists during the Ministerial; a press center to assist the media in covering the trade debates; categorized links to trade resources around the world; and facts to help you understand complicated trade issues

Z Magazine's Globan Economics Crisis Watch

a source for understanding global economics and trade issues, including
IMF/World Bank demonstrations in Washington DC. 

Also see

The New Cold War

Remarks of Ronnie Dugger, founder and co-chair, Alliance for Democracy, at a Public Forum on the Multilateral Agreement on Investments in Austin December 3, 1997

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