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Selections from the April 1, 2017 issue

COVER/Amanda Marcotte
West Texas says no to wall

Beware Trump distractions


Wisconsin’s image has turned upside down

RURAL ROUTES/Margot McMillen
Homeschoolers want fed check, no balance

‘Trumpcare’ plan would leave millions uninsured;
Trump’s way: always attack, attack, never apologize;
Recess actions spur health care accountability;
Trump’s disregard for truth;
Trump tosses more than 90 regs ...

Putin’s aggression ringing alarm bells

It’s only my health

The big faker and his big date with big data

The border game

CBP demands ID to get off domestic flight

Is Trump a Populist?

Coping with Trump stress disorder

Policing America’s plutocracy

HEALTH CARE/Joan Retsinas
Lunchtime for the president

Billions for defense, not one cent for arts

That’s a fact, Jack

Labor loses its way

Trump and his corporate media accomplices

Oh Canada! Get off our back!

BOOKS/Seth Sandronsky
Cooperators then and now

The cowardly states of America

Bob Dylan finally gets some recognition

MOVIES/Ed Rampell
Life of a Salesman: Is this the enemy?

and more ...

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Plus, web specials:

What's the Matter With Texas? Jim Cullen writes that a populist agenda is needed to recover the economy.

Health Care Reform Will Help Everybody, by Barbara O'Brien. Many Americans assume the new health care reform act will benefit mostly the poor and uninsured and hurt everyone else, according to polls. As Matt Yglesias wrote, “Basically, people see this as a bill that will take resources from people who have health insurance and give it to people who don’t have health insurance.” Those who still oppose the reform say that people ought to pay for their own health care. Barbara O'Brien looks at the reality of paying for health care.

The Tea Party and The Olympians! by Keith Baker. If you consider yourself both elite and egalitarian, then you just might be an Olympian, but you're not in the Tea Party.

See our health reform resource page.

For those who wish Obama would finally issue a resounding indictment of corporatists, see Franklin D. Roosevelt's acceptance of his renomination by the Democratic Convention in 1936.

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This Modern World
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Dave Zweifel

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See these web sites with breaking news and commentary from progressive writers and publications around the world:

Brave New Films creates and hosts political videos on the web.
Buzzflash, the left's answer to Matt Drudge
Common Dreams News Center, with selected articles from newspapers and periodicals. See also the concise list of national and international news services, newspapers and periodicals.
In These Times, updates from the monthly magazine., daily updates from the bimonthly muckraker.
The Nation, liberal weekly has daily updates., rousing rabble in the spirit of the Revolutionary pamphleteer.
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A Few Good Weblogs
to keep you from getting your work done:

Eric Alterman's Altercation
The American Prospect
Walter Brasch is a social issues journalist from Pennsylvania.
Center for American Progress
Juan Cole's Informed Comment on Middle East politics, history and religion.
Common Dreams
Crooks and Liars
Daily Kos (Democratic politics)
Democratic Strategist journal of public opinion and political strategy by William Galston, Stan Greenberg and Ruy Teixeira.
Digby's Hullabaloo.
Eschaton by Atrios (politics)
Media Matters for America
Mother Jones blog by Kevin Drum
Charles P. Pierce's Politics blog at Esquire.
Progressive Review Undernews
Political Wire by Taegon Goddard
Raw Story
Romenesko's Media News (journalism scuttlebutt)
Greg Sargent's Plum Line at
Talking Points Memo by Josh Marshall
Talk Left, the politics of crime.
This Modern World, by Tom Tomorrow
Campaign for America's Future, progressive insights
Washington Monthly Political Animal
Washington Spectator with Lou Dubose
Wonkblog at

For international news which the US media such as the Chicago Tredibune, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and the Washington Post might not see fit to print:

From Canada
Globe and Mail of Toronto, for Canadian news and perspectives on its southern neighbor.
Toronto Star, a liberal Canadian newspaper.

From Britain
The Guardian, a liberal newspaper in London (formerly the Manchester Guardian). See also its US-oriented website, Guardian America.
The Independent, a liberal newspaper in London
Daily Mirror, liberal tabloid in London.
New Statesman, British Socialist weekly.
• BBC World News

From Elsewhere:
Al Ahram, English-language weekly based in Cairo, for Arab perspective on Mid-East
Dawn, of Karachi, centrist English-language Pakistan daily.
The Frontier Post of Peshawar, Pakistan, for news from the front lines of the war on terrorism in Afghanistan.
Haaretz, Israeli liberal daily with English language edition
International Herald Tribune, Paris-based daily operated by the New York Times.
Le Monde Diplomatique, English language monthly digest of the French daily newspaper.
Mail and Guardian, daily web edition of South African liberal weekly.
Mexico City News, the English language daily in our neighbor to the south.
South China Morning Post, independent Hong Kong and Pacific news (registration required).
Spiegel, English version of
German newsweekly.
Sydney Morning Herald, for news from Down Under.
Watching America, links to articles in foreign press about the USA, with translations of articles originally written for foreigners about the US. Updated daily.
World Press Review, a monthly magazine with analyses and English translations of articles in the international press, as well as an excellent directory of publications by nation, with ideological leanings.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words; well, here are some good cartoon sites:

Jules Feiffer

Jeff Danziger

Mark Fiore

Forever Dada, an animated political cartoon created by California artists Louis Dunn & Steve Campbell.

This Modern World, by Tom Tomorrow. (And he has a pretty good links page.)

Ted Rall, our cartoonist/columnist.

Tom the Dancing Bug, by Ruben Bolling

Matt Wuerker

Also see our Links to Independent Media

See links to health care reform


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We mainly cover current events, but in an effort to provide historic background, our Populist Reader offers texts such as the Preamble to the People's Party Platform, which formed the rhetorical underpinning for the Populist movement, the People's Party Platform of 1896, which represented the Populist demands at the peak of the agrarian/labor revolt, and more. And Mark Twain's "War Prayer," written in response to the Spanish-American War, is as relevant as ever.

Also featured in the Essays section is "Democratic Money: A Populist Perspective", with Lawrence Goodwyn, William Greider and Tom Schlesinger of the Southern Finance Project discussing the Populism of the 1890s and how those historical lessons relate to the prospects for financial reform today.

Also see reminiscences by two former Alabama journalists about the late George Wallace, the former Alabama governor who transformed American politics with his combination of racism and populism. Claude Duncan remembers the good George Wallace in "George Wallace Joins the Ghost Brigade", while Peggy Roberson reminds us of the bad George Wallace in "Remembering George Wallace"

We also offer Eugene J. McCarthy's remarks on his career in politics on the event of his 80th birthday, as well as his remembrances of Chicago as the Democrats returned to the scene of the crime in 1996 after 28 years. See James McCarty Yeager's remembrance of McCarthy, some notes on McCarthy by Sam Smith and a short film on McCarthy, "Sorry I was Right," at Free Speech TV. Also see a website devoted to McCarthy's legacy.

Another feature that we hope you will check out is Dan Yurman's Samizdat: Militia News from Idaho; Blood Oaths and Fish Stories Swim in Political Waters. This collects a series of dispatches, analysis and commentary by Yurman on militias, wise-use and white-supremacist movements in Idaho and the Rocky Mountain states. Please tell us what you think.

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